To the Farmers



Let's Change the World Through Agriculture

Kyo-Negi SAMURAI is searching for partners to transform the world through the power of agriculture together.
Using the cultivation methods and sales channels we have cultivated, we are able to provide products to numerous markets.
Let's combine our strengths to create products that reach the world.

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SAMURAI's Strengths


GLOBALG.A.P. certification.

  • Major advantages in expanding sales channels

    Being globally certified for "safe and sustainable agricultural practices,” we are able to export our products domestically and internationally and also respond to requests from inbound tourists from overseas. This a great advantage when expanding sales channels.

  • Enhanced Credibility

    Global GAP, a third-party certification, also helps ensure trust with suppliers and consumers and transparency in transactions.

  • Boosting productivity & efficiency

    GAP initiatives propagate standardization and streamlining of working procedures and ensure safety—resulting in the production of better agricultural products.

Year-round supply!
The largest scale of operation in the prefecture

From Nantan City in the north to Kizugawa City in the south, we produce Kujo Negi at 10 locations in Kyoto Prefecture. We harvest and ship them from the field that is most in season at the time.

Thorough pursuit of quality and freshness is maintained
throughout every production process.

  • Soil Preparation

    Soil cultivation is indispensable for agriculture. While maintaining traditional production methods, we inspect fertilizer components every season, and according to the data obtained, we make detailed adjustments in order to deliver high quality products consistently.

  • Seeding Production

    Our seedlings are lovingly grown in temperature-controlled greenhouses. Besides watering them liberally with special water meeting safety standards, we carefully monitor the condition of the leaves and roots to ensure they will be planted in the field in optimal conditions.

  • Harvesting

    Kyo-Negi SAMURAI's Kujo Negi are harvested manually. The best locations for harvesting are selected from among the prefecture's largest fields, and we harvest them by hand to observe closely the growth of each individual stalk.

  • Adjustment

    Immediately after harvesting, the produce is sent to the sorting area to maintain freshness. Once peeled, they are shipped promptly. Meeting even the minutest order specifications is the Kyo-Negi style.

  • Shipping

    With our established cold chain through a flow line design, spring onions are delivered absolutely fresh. We are proud we have never received any complaints concerning the quality of Kujo Negi we supply wholesale.