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New Tamba Kuro-Black Edamame
"My Gottso"

How is it possible to produce a matchless amazingly flavorful taste?
It is because we spend a whole year producing the best black edamame.
First, large amounts of 100% organic compost is used to grow Kujo Negi. Then we revitalize the soil with plenty of organic fertilizers to make it soft and fluffy like a down comforter.
Next, we grow high-sugar white corn [Kyoto Mai-Corn] using organic fertilizer again to keep the soil in excellent condition.

Characteristics of "My Gottso (Black Edamame)"


  • Delectable Flavor and High Nutritional Value

    “My Gottso” black edamame is characterized by its large size and delectable flavor. It is also nutrient-rich—containing soy protein, dietary fiber, calcium and magnesium.

  • Quality Substantiated by a Long History

    Among numerous edamame varieties, we are very particular about Tamba-produced edamame because of its excellent texture and sweetness backed by a long history.

  • Pursuit of Cutting Edge Cultivation Methods

    For the purpose of maximizing the potential of black edamame, we have developed a new cultivation method with ingenuity. First, we grow Kujo Negi in a field with abundant 100% organic compost. Next, we grow corn in the same field. Once the soil is soft and nutrient-rich, the corn is crushed in the field and blended in. In this mineral-rich field, we grow black edamame. This painstakingly intentional one-year-long cultivation produces highest quality black edamame.

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